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  • RMBS Disclosure and Reporting Packages

    The RMBS Disclosure and Reporting Packages were developed to provide substantial data, both at the pool- and loan-level, to investors, rating agencies and others concerning the mortgages underlying RMBS transactions, and to standardize the presentation of this data. Released July 15, 2009, the Packages provide templates for issuance and reporting that the SEC has built on as it seeks to revise Regulation AB.
  • Model RMBS Repurchase Principles

    The Model Repurchase Principles seek to investigate, resolve and enforce remedies with respect to RMBS transactions. Released August 30, 2011, the framework represents a set of principles that our issuer and investor members agree should be included in future transactions.
  • Model RMBS Representations and Warranties

    The Model Reps and Warranties provide substantial enhancements to the traditional representations and warranties provided in RMBS transactions. Released December 15, 2009, this initiative was developed by a working group consisting of issuers, originators, rating agencies, financial guarantors, primary mortgage insurance companies and institutional investors.
  • Bond-Level RMBS Reporting Package

    The Bond-Level Reporting Package provides a standardized layout containing 28 fields of bond-level information for RMBS transactions. Released for comment on November 10, 2009 by the ASF Trustee and Investor Committees, the Package provides a final template for trustee reports providing investors and rating agencies with consistent fields of information across issuers.

    The ASF Loan Identification Number Code (LINC) provides a standardized universal code for identifying critical information about individual loans securitized in an RMBS or ABS transaction. Released September 24, 2009, the LINC represents a foundational component of Project RESTART’s initiative to improve transparency in the securitization markets.